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Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 11:34 am
As usual, spoilers for 3.02 and all previous episodes in general.

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Stiles finding the condoms and then looking down at his pants consideringly.
- Isaac and Derek's little pack as they try to figure out how to save Erica and Boyd.
- Everyone gathered together, Lydia being smart, Allison being so careful in her dealings with Derek, and everyone at least trying to figure things out. Working together is the key to staying alive, folks.
- Coach Finstock having an interesting lesson, and his just general awesomeness with the teens. Also, interesting that Scott is choosing not to play, which is what he seems to be trying to do this season with the werewolf business.
- Derek and Scott trying to help Isaac with the trance-like state. Isaac's panic and begging over and over "I don't want to do that" just breaks my heart. Isaac reaching for Scott and holding Scott's arm. Derek caught between wanting to protect Isaac and save Erica and Boyd.
- Stiles' researching; Stiles and Scott passed out on their research and the Sheriff's complete non-reaction except to tell them to go to school. And Scott cheering Stiles' up.
- Allison being badass enough to break into a bank.
- Scott, Stiles, Derek, and Peter planning a bank heist together. It's adorable and ridiculous and perfect.
- Derek willing to sacrifice himself for Boyd and Erica, because they're his responsibility.
- Stiles and Peter figuring stuff out and being awesome when they join their powers for good.
Favorite Character(s):
- Isaac. Always Isaac.
- Allison and Lydia. Their friendship is adorably awesome, and although I disagree with Allison's decision to go investigate the bank ALONE, I think it's awesome that she did it.
- Stiles and Scott. Again, their friendship is wonderful and I love that Scott is stopping to think things through before he goes through with a plan. Stiles' research skills are awesome.
- Derek, who is trying to be a good Alpha and is still so self-destructive.
- Peter, for being ridiculously awesome, and also interestingly frightened of the Alpha Pack.
- Danny, just for existing.
Favorite Quote(s):
- Heather: "I just turned 17 today, and do you know what I want for my birthday?"
Stiles: "A bike?"
- Derek (to Peter): "We don't like you."
- Danny: "Coach, it's not a pop quiz if you tell us about it."
- Coach: "Greenberg, put your hand down, you don't have a chance."
- Lydia (about the twins): "I want one."
Allison: "Which one?"
Lydia: "The straight one, obviously."
- Isaac: "It's safe though, right?"
Deaton: "Do you really want me to answer honestly?"
Isaac: "No, not really."
- Stiles (about Peter): "Could someone kill him again please?"
- Peter: "They're werewolves, not Bond villains."
- Stiles: "Maybe the bank vault reminds them of their little wolf dens!"
Peter: "Wolf dens…"
- Derek: "Cora?" (He just looks and sounds utterly crushed for a moment.)
- Allison: "I'm not the one turning teenagers into killers."
Derek: "No, that's just the rest of your family."
Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Isaac just before he takes his ice bath.
- Derek's sister!?!?
- What is up with Lydia?
- Was that really Erica's body we saw? Can she not be dead? (please)
- What is Morrell doing???
- What happened to Heather?


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