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Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 01:40 pm
Spoilers for 3.01 and all previous episodes in general.

I decided to just go ahead and keep the same format that I used when I rewatched the first two seasons, just for the sake of simplicity. Also, including my season 3 predictions bingo card here just for fun.

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- The information that memories can also be stolen by claws (we've seen them shared to Jackson and Scott by Derek and Peter in the past).
- The Alpha twins merging into one giant werewolf monstrosity. That has some seriously interesting implications as to how they might share their own bodies and thoughts.
- I love that it's Lydia who runs the red light, but only after she sees how distressed Allison is.
- Melissa on werewolf interception duty in the emergency room.
- Chris being a wonderful father and taking care of Allison (and Lydia later on).
- Lydia's "Jackson Replacement" in her bed and her utter rejection of him once she's done with him. It's sad and not exactly healthy, but the scene itself is funny.
- The missing posters of Boyd and Erica. *cries*
- The Alphas are everywhere and super creepy! Kali scares me (and Isaac from the looks of things).
- I think I'm suspicious of the English teacher just because this show has taught me to be suspicious of everyone. But I'm suspicious of her.
- The scene with the birds is simultaneously creepy/scary/and really really gross. Stiles protecting Lydia was nice and didn't seem at all because he had a crush on her, just because they are friends and he wanted to protect her.
- Melissa trying to protect Scott from the supernatural is nice as well. I love the parents in this show.
- The doctor cracked me up, though I was really glad they didn't just operate on Isaac anyway (I kept turning my head away just in case).
- Sheriff Stilinski questioning Chris, and Chris acting casually confused, and Allison and Stiles both cringing a little bit like "parents, crap."
- Chris taking both Allison and Lydia home with him, Chris reaffirming that they're staying out of the werewolf mess. Chris protecting his daughter, the only family he has left.
- Scott connecting that painting the door was to cover something up, because Derek has done no other repair work to the Hale house.
- Deucalion, and the other Alphas, actually seem pretty cool and scary. I like that Deucalion uses a handkerchief to wipe his hand clean of blood. I also find it interesting that Deucalion and Gerard have the same method of eliminating threats (getting someone else to do it for them).
Favorite Character(s):
- Isaac. Always Isaac.
- Scott. I love how much he's matured between the seasons, and yet still tries to get a tattoo without taking into account his healing, and still acts like a teenager around Allison. He's being proactive and preparing himself and trying. It's a good balance for him.
- Stiles, for still being Stiles - protective and sarcastic and dedicated and ridiculous.
- Allison and Lydia and their friendship being strong enough that they can joke about werewolves and how they look out for each other.
- Melissa, Chris, and the Sheriff. They are all being the best parents ever here.
- Derek, who seems to have just about given up on life, survival, and everything else. All he has left is atonement and trying to protect the teens that he turned into werewolves.
Favorite Quote(s):
- Tattoo Artist (to Scott): "Boy, it's a good thing you drew me a picture."
- Lydia: "It's Stiles and Scott. Do you really wanna try applying logic to those two?"
- Sheriff Stilinski: "Aw, God. Please, go to school."
- New School Principal (holding Gerard's sword): "And what the hell is this?"
- Lydia: "Allison, I love you." (I love them both!)
- Melissa (to Isaac): "Do you have any other emergency werewolf contacts?"
Isaac: "Yeah, call Scott."
- Lydia: "Prada bit me."
Stiles: "Your dog?"
Lydia: "No, my designer handbag. Yes, my dog." (I love her inflection here.)
- Derek: "Aren't you supposed to be in school?"
- Derek: "A rival pack. It's my problem."
- Scott: "In Samoan, it (tattoo) means 'open wound'." (I think it's interesting that this could apply to both Scott and Derek's tattoos, both in the sense of being marked and in having open wounds.)
Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Isaac waking up in the Hale house.
- Where was Isaac being rescued from and what memories have the Alpha Pack taken from him?
- How did the teacher get everyone's cellphone numbers? That's sort of creepy.
- Do the hospital security cameras see none of this?
- Who is the girl who rescued Isaac, what connection does she have with the Alpha Pack? What about the symbol on the floor where Boyd and Erica are being held?

So far on the bingo card, Melissa becomes more involved, Scott accepts his werewolf side, and Stiles investigates a crime all look promising, but I'm not marking off anything just yet.

Season 3 Bingo Card


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