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Monday, June 3rd, 2013 09:54 am
So, for the past 25 days I've been rewatching an episode a day leading up to the premiere of season 3 and posting my results on tumblr. Here's a full round up of my thoughts, which get longer and more detailed as we move into season 2. This entire post is spoilerific for Seasons 1 and 2!

Day 24: Pilot/Wolf Moon

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Scott’s smile when he asks Stiles what they’re going to do if the murderer is still in the woods.
- Allison’s mom calling three times on her first day (hindsight is everything).
- Scott being awesome as goalie and the team’s reaction.
- Stiles’ werewolf research montage.
- Derek taking Allison home (because that’s just interesting considering the two characters involved).
- Chris Argent being revealed as a Hunter/Allison’s dad.

Favorite Character(s):
- Scott and Stiles and their friendship.
- Coach Finstock because of his sheer ridiculousness. 

Favorite Quote(s):
- Sheriff Stilinski: “You listen to all my phone calls?”
  Stiles: “No…Not the boring ones!”
- Stiles (to Scott): “I’ve been scarlet nerded by you.”
- Stiles: “I think it’s called lycanthropy.”
  Scott: “Is that bad!?”
  Stiles: “Oh yeah, it’s the worst.”
- Jackson: “Where are you getting your juice?”
  Scott: “My mom does all the grocery shopping.”
- Derek: “The bite is a gift.”
- Derek: “You and me Scott, we’re brothers now.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Scott rolling out of bed and into the woods. 
- Scott and Derek rolling around in the woods.

Day 23: Second Chance At First Line

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Derek getting arrested and his expression as he’s being led to the car in handcuffs.
- Stiles reading a pamphlet about the menstrual cycle.
- Stiles getting caught lying to his dad and his “Oh crap!” out loud realization.
- Chris hitting Scott with his car (Argent’s seem to have problems with hitting people/animals with cars).
- The parents (Melissa, Chris, Sheriff Stilinski) all coming to the lacrosse game.
- Scott’s utter happiness after kissing Allison for the first time.

Favorite Character(s):
- Melissa McCall, for her sheer awesomeness.
- Lydia, just in general.
- Allison, for her amazing deflection skills.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Finstock: “Greenberg, take a lap. Let’s go! Faster, Greenberg!”
- Melissa: “I mean, it’s not like you’re on drugs or anything, right?”
  Scott: “Right now?”
- Finstock: “You don’t think Danny’s a good looking guy?”
  Scott: “I think he’s good looking…”
- Derek: “Everything falls apart.” (I think this is so essential to Derek’s mindset.)
 - Lydia: “I just want you to remember one thing tonight.”
   Scott: “Winning isn’t everything?” (Sassy Scott is adorable)

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Scott in the locker room by default as that seems to be the only shirtless scene in this episode.

Day 22: Pack Mentality

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Jackson trying to put his broken locker door back on his locker - and his expression as he does so.
- Danny. Just Danny. Their whole group conversation in the cafeteria.
- Scott going to Derek for help and Derek helping (if only this could happen more often).
- Allison doing a flip out her second story bedroom window.
- The Hunters harassing Derek at the Gas Station of Werewolf Hate Crimes™. (Favorite scene in that it makes me terribly sad, and yet it’s an awesome scene.)
- Melissa McCall being an awesome parent.

Favorite Character(s):
- Scott and Stiles’ friendship, again. Always.
- Lydia. Her manipulation of people is both frustrating and intensely awesome.
- Allison. Simultaneously badass and adorable.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Stiles: “Am I attractive to gay guys?”
- Scott: “Nobody’s Batman and Robin any of the time.”
  Stiles: “Not even some of the time?”
- Lydia (as she plays with her hair): “Hi, Mr. Argent.”
- Allison: “Maybe you should stop pretending to suck just for his benefit.”
  Lydia: “Trust me, I do plenty of sucking just for his benefit.”
- Melissa: “Do either of you care that there’s a police-enforced curfew?”
  Scott and Stiles: “No.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Scott in his bedroom waking up from his nightmare (again, only one shirtless scene in this ep!?).

Day 21: Magic Bullet

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Werewolf parkour (just in general).
- Kate and Allison’s relationship, in the painful almost-happy way.
- Jackson assuming that Derek’s a drug dealer (because that will never not be funny).
- Scott and Allison hiding in the garage and Chris not buying it for a second.
- Awkward Argent Family Dinner: Round One!
- Allison’s expressions when Kate and Chris are accusing Scott of taking something from the bag. (The first time I watched this I was so focused on Scott getting caught that I totally missed Allison’s adorable freak out.)
- Everyone’s expressions when Allison holds up the condom. 

Favorite Character(s):
- Allison and Lydia and their smart and adorable friendship.
- Derek, because he tries so hard.
- Scott and Allison; so awkwardly cute.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Chris Argent: “All I’ve got at the moment is “Please put the assault rifle away before someone notices”.”
- Chris Argent: “You ever smoke pot?”
  Scott: *nearly chokes on his glass of water*
- Scott: “You know, on second thought, I think I’ll take that shot of tequila.” (He’s so adorable)
- Scott: “This house is like the freaking Wal-Mart of guns.”
- Scott: “Your dad is watching.”
  Allison: “Good.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Derek at the vet clinic (I could have sworn there were more shirtless scenes in this show).

Day 20: The Tell

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Harris being creepy. (He does creepy very well. Does his requirements for the parent-teacher conferences (C- and below are required to attend) mean that Isaac went with his dad to parent-teacher conferences here? I wonder how that went down…)
- Allison throwing her arm protectively over Scott while she’s driving.
- Derek running from Kate (running from his past) out into the woods and looking back on his home. Breaking my heart here.
- Parent-Teacher conferences: It’s so interesting to get the adult views on the teens without the teens themselves present. Also, Melissa is awesome standing up to Harris (and Chris)!
- Jackson having a nervous breakdown of frustration on the lacrosse field. He’s a hard character to like, but easy to empathize with. Interesting contradiction.
- Who released the mountain lion at the school? The Hunters? Why? Where did they even get one?

Favorite Character(s):
- Sheriff Stilinski. No comment necessary. He’s just that awesome.
- Scott and Allison: This is the episode that totally won me over for their relationship. They are really cute.
- Danny!

Favorite Quote(s):
- Jackson: “Can somebody help me find The Notebook?”
- Derek: “Do you want to do homework, or do you want to not die?” (Is there a third choice?)
- Lydia: “What the hell is a Stiles?”
- Deaton (to the Sheriff): “You’ve got a problem here.” (Sheriff, you have so many clues!)
- Finstock: “You named your kid ‘Stiles Stilinski’?”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Derek working out in the burned out husk of his house. Derek, if you’re going to put your muscles to use, maybe grab a broom.

Day 19: Heart Monitor

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Scott being able to tell that Peter is angry, and not at him. I think this “communication doesn’t need to be spoken” thing needs to be explored more, both in show and in fix.
- Stiles taking it on himself to train Scott. And, Stiles duct-taping Scott’s hands and then having really great accuracy while shooting lacrosse balls at him. And, Jackson thinking this is both hilarious and confusing.
- Jackson and Allison sitting against the lockers together and getting some insight into how Jackson thinks.
- Allison reaching for Scott’s hand to comfort him while Finstock is yelling at Scott.
- Derek going to Peter for help. 

Favorite Character(s):
- Scott and Stiles and their friendship.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Stiles: “You’re thinking about sex right now, aren’t you?”
  Scott *grins*: “Yeah, sorry.”
- Stiles:  “Hey, hey dude! What do you think you’re doing to that truck, bro?” (It shouldn’t be funny, but it so is.)
- Derek (to Peter): “Someone killed Laura.”
- Stiles: “Well, personally I’m a fan of ignoring a problem until eventually it just goes away.”
- Derek (while listening to Scott’s “howl”): “You’ve got to be kidding me.” and then “I’m going to kill both of you!”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Scott in Allison’s bedroom (because I’ll pick them making out over body horror scenes with Jackson any day).

Things I Have Learned From Teen Wolf:
- Kidnapping is never a good plan.

Day 18: Night School

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Stiles and Scott covering their mouths to remind themselves they can’t make noise while they’re hiding in the lockers. (I would totally be doing the same thing.)
- Lydia not wanting to be left alone in the car after the events of last episode. Nice and fairly subtle continuity.
- Stiles’ expression when Scott initially announces that Derek Hale is the killer who is hunting them.
- Lydia making self-igniting Molotov cocktails with supplies from their chemistry lab. (1. What type off supplies do they have at this school!? 2. What books has Lydia been reading to know this without needing instructions?)
- The Sheriff taking care of Scott and Stiles even when they’re upset and not entirely rational.
- Deaton being alive and well and not the Alpha (and presumably doing something magicky tricky to get out of his predicament).

Favorite Character(s):
- Allison. Brave, badass, smart Allison.
- Stiles, who always taunts the things he’s afraid of.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Stiles: “I’m not dying at school!”
- Allison: “The police hung up on you?” (Can they really do that? I feel they shouldn’t be able to do that.)
- Stiles: “I’m not watching my dad get eaten alive.” (Stiles <3 <3 <3)

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- No shirtless anyone in this episode! 
Favorite aesthetic moment instead: Allison wandering alone through the darkened hall with just her flashlight.

Things I Have Learned From Teen Wolf:
- Never say someone is dead until you’re attending their funeral. And maybe not even then.

Day 17: Lunatic

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- The questions on Scott’s test changing as he tries to answer them. “When the moon is full tonight, will you kill…” It’s so sneaky and awesome.
- Stiles having Scott use his inhaler to help him stop a panic attack.
- The very terrifying appearance of Victoria Argent. She’s so scary.
- Jackson proudly proclaiming Danny to be his best friend, when Jackson claims so few connections to people in his life. And Jackson getting Danny a new lacrosse helmet!
- Allison’s face after she uses the taser on the stuffed teddy bear. Kate’s glee and Allison is just horrified that she shot an inanimate object.
- Sheriff Stilinski hugging Stiles when he sees how scared Stiles had been when Stiles thought his dad was hurt.

Favorite Character(s):
- Melissa McCall: she gets all the awesome mom awards.
- Scott and Stiles and their friendship. 
- Danny, who’s the voice of reason even to Jackson.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Stiles: “I know as much as being broken up hurts, being alone is way worse.” (Stiles and his fear of being alone just slays me.)
- Finstock: “This is about taking your unit, McCall’s unit, we’re making one big unit.” (He’s so hilarious).
- Stiles: “Yeah, but everybody likes Danny.”
- Stiles: “Has anyone seen… has anyone seen my dad?”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Scott half-dressed in the locker room under the shower. This show really favors showers of angst.

Things I Have Learned From Teen Wolf:
- It’s totally okay to run out of class, no teachers or anyone will stop you or come looking for you.

Day 16: Wolf's Bane

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Scott and Stiles using Derek’s car as a diversion.
- Jackson using werewolf one-way walkie talkies. They need to do this  more. It’s so useful.
- The Sheriff and Stiles and how much they love each other and the Sheriff’s smile and how proud he is of his son.
- And the Sheriff looking over the gathered lacrosse team and not seeing Stiles, and how obviously worried he is. 

Favorite Character(s):
- The Sheriff. He is such an awesome parent.
- Danny. He probably makes the sanest choices out of anyone on this show.
- Allison. She wants to be strong and doesn’t realize that she already is.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Stiles: “You’re thinking about her in the shower, aren’t you?
  Scott: “Yeah.”
- Jackson: “I wasn’t trying to be funny. I would have put a ‘ha ha’ at the end of it. And, see, there’s no ‘ha ha’.”
- Sheriff: “I’m very happy for you. And I’m really proud of you.”
  Stiles: “Thanks. Me too. I’m happy and proud…of myself.”
- Stiles: “Huggie huggie.”
- Derek: “If you say one word…”
  Stiles: “Oh, what, you mean like ‘Hey, Dad. Derek Hale’s in my room. Bring your gun’?”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Derek stripteasing for Danny and Stiles. (Yes, there are definitely problematic elements to this scene, and yet it’s still a scene I like.)

Things I Have Learned From Teen Wolf:
- Instead of doing research while being sneaky, use your phone to take a picture of what you need to translate and look it up later!

Day 15: Co-Captain

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Derek’s expression when he says “It happens” regarding Peter killing his sister.
- The using claws to transmit memories thing is actually really cool and has so much potential. I hope our wolflings learn how to do it.
- Scott and Stiles come to rescue Jackson from the evil clutches of Chris Argent. Also, Chris, your ‘confide in me, I’m friendly’ voice needs work.
- Allison and Lydia out in the woods playing with explosive arrows. And Allison shocking Scott with a taser and then hugging him. And, I really love Allison’s boots in this scene.
- The Sheriff and Stiles investigating the case together, heartbreaking and awesome, and their relationship is so painfully amazing. The Sheriff thanking Stiles for keeping him from pouring another drink. Show, you are killing me.
- Derek leading Jackson into the Hale house; how afraid Jackson is and how determined and yet regretful Derek is. And Derek shouting at Jackson about how there is no one who cares enough to save him, and yet it’s all those things that Derek feels about himself, that no one cared enough to protect him.

Favorite Character(s):
- Stiles and his willingness to do what needs to be done, even if it maybe doesn’t need to be done in the way he’s doing it.
- Allison and her tenacity.
- Derek, who has pretty much no good options at this point.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Danny: “Every time you got the ball tonight, you passed it to me.”
  Scott: “Every time I passed the ball to you, you scored.”
- Peter: “I really don’t get lacrosse.”
- Stiles: “Hey, come on Jackson. You’re way too pretty to be out here all by yourself.”
- Sheriff Stilinski: “You know, I miss talking to you. It’s like we never have time… I do. I miss it. And I miss your mom.”
- Derek (to Jackson): “You know, I bet you haven’t had a day in your whole life where you haven’t been afraid of something.” (And the sad thing is that this is probably true.)

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Danny in the locker room.

Day 14: Formality

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- The Sheriff trying to comfort Allison after he pulls her over for speeding.
- Scott falling off the Argent’s roof in his sleep.
- Scott getting Allison’s car towed (to save her from Peter)!
- Melissa giving Scott advice on how to tell Allison how he feels.
- Stiles explaining why he likes Lydia and that he sees beyond the image she projects. And her smile in response.
- Stiles and Peter both on their hands and knees surrounding Lydia. Even though Stiles isn’t a werewolf he completely fell into werewolf posturing there while confronting the Alpha.

Favorite Character(s):
- Allison: ninja warrior assassin of adorable.
- Deaton: So incredibly badass and his commitment to playing the role of a vet is hilariously awesome.
- Melissa: I love that the adults in this show are fully rounded characters. Also awesome parent.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Kate: “I bet you always used to get people coming up to you saying, ‘Smile, Derek. Why don’t you smile more?’ Don’t you just wanna kick those people in the face?” (As much as I hate to agree with Kate about anything, yes.)
- Jackson (to Scott and Stiles): “Screw you. You know what? Screw you too. In fact, screw each other.” (Oh Jackson, eloquent as always.)
- Jackson: “I want to be like you. I want to be one of you. Please.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Derek, poor tortured Derek, mostly by default.

Day 13: Code Breaker

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Jackson carrying Lydia back to the school and how scared he is.
- Scott howling to find Derek. Derek’s expression when he hears that someone is searching for him, that someone will come for him.
- Stiles refusing the bite despite it offering him so many advantages.
- Stiles making the decision to lie to his dad even when Lydia’s life hangs in the balance, and not the direction that might save her.
- Jackson and Stiles reluctantly teaming up, as well as Scott, Allison, Jackson, Stiles and Derek all using their skills to take down Peter. (And Lydia, for teaching them how to make the Molotov cocktails.)
- Derek choosing to kill Peter instead of letting Scott, for two reasons: 1 I’m not sure Derek ever really believed the myth and knew that the person who killed him would become Alpha, and 2 I think Derek wanted to keep Scott from having to be a murderer.

Favorite Character(s):
- Chris Argent, who despite everything he does loves his daughter.
- Scott for using what he has at his disposal and making it work.
- Derek and his persistence in trying to keep Scott alive and safe from the Hunters.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Allison: “I just saw my boyfriend turn into a werewolf.”
- Peter: “Don’t you understand yet? I’m not the bad guy here.”
- Stiles: “What the hell’s a pendant?”
  Sheriff: “Stiles, do you go to school? A pendant! A pendant! It’s a necklace!”
- Derek: “You’re not in love, Scott. You’re 16 years old. You’re a child.” (I feel that almost any time Derek is yelling at Scott or Jackson he’s projecting. Oh Derek.)
- Stiles (after Jackson fails to lie believably): “Oh for the love of God.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Still tortured Derek due to the lack of other shirtless scenes in this ep.

Day 12: Omega

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- The visuals and how it was filmed in the flashback scene where Allison is begging for Scott’s life. Intense scene.
- Opening credits!!! We have them now and they’re awesome!
- Scott hearing Lydia’s scream from across town (pack!).
- Isaac being dropped into the open grave when the backhoe is knocked over. And Derek coming for him.
- Derek’s ability to appear and disappear at will, especially out of high school bathrooms.
- Scott comforting Allison in the best and most mature way possible. Best words for someone who is about to go to a conflicting funeral.
- Stiles knowing that “415A” is disturbance in a car. Stiles’ knowledge base is hilariously perfect.
- Gerard’s speeches. That’s all. :)

Favorite Character(s):
- Allison: smart, sarcastic, brave Allison.
- Isaac: (Cards on the table; Isaac’s my favorite. He’ll always be on this list.)
- Scott and his good humor despite everything.
- Couch Finstock, because he’s ridiculous and awesome.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Sheriff: “Naked? As in nude?”
  Melissa: “I’m pretty sure they mean the same thing, but , yes, as far as we know, she left here clothing-optional.”
- Derek (to Isaac): “Need a hand?”
- Scott (to Stiles): “Next time you see a tripwire…Don’t trip it.”
- Sheriff: “How’d you get that black eye, Isaac?” (Really though Sheriff? Asking that in front of Isaac’s dad who just proved himself verbally abusive???)
- Finstock: “Danny, put a shirt on!”
- Jackson: “When I was with Lydia, you should have seen the scratch marks she left on me. What do you think she’s going to do with a set of real claws?” 

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Tie between mostly shirtless Jackson tumbling out of the water (how did he get in there anyway?) and Lydia in the shower.

Day 11: Shape Shifted

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- That both Isaac and Lahey leave the front door open while Isaac is fleeing his dad. For some reason that detail always stuck with me.
- Finstock making the choice to walk away from the pile of chain falling out of Stiles’ locker. Wise choice, coach.
- Danny looking back at Jackson like “do I really have to do this” while they’re running goals at Scott.
- Stiles and Scott pointing at each other in blame for throwing the paper so they’d both get sent to the principal’s office. And the Sheriff choosing to ignore Stiles’ presence when Stiles is “hiding”.
- Lydia thanking Jackson for saving her.
- Isaac looking back at Scott as he’s taken away in the sheriff’s cruiser.
- Derek walking his fingers across the desk at the Sheriff’s Station and smiling. His seduction skills are ridiculous and surprisingly effective. (Also proof that Derek knows exactly how attractive he looks and how to use it.)
- ALPHA RAWR “I’m the Alpha.” (Yes Derek, we know.)

Favorite Character(s):
- Isaac. bb.
- Chris Argent and his ridiculous smile.
- Lydia and Allison for not putting up with crap from anyone.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Scott (about Allison): “I mean like, really good.”
  Stiles: “Alright, I get it! Just please shut the hell up before I have the urge to maim and kill myself.”
- (Everyone stares at Lydia) Allison: “Maybe it’s the nine pounds.”
- Stiles (to Scott): “I seriously don’t understand how you survive without me sometimes.”
- Isaac: “Don’t tell them. Please don’t tell them.”
- Jackson: “Documenting history. My history.” (Something that would be really important for an orphan.)
- Stiles (pointing at the unconscious deputy): “Ah, he did it.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Jackson filming himself. ROFL.

Day 10: Ice Pick

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- The Argents win the Most Fucked Up Family of the Year Award. Just saying. (And I really want someone to tie me up like that to see how fast I could get out. Two and a half hour seems like a really long time.)
- Allison kicking Scott off the climbing wall.
- Erica going back to the climbing wall, for herself.
- Derek and Erica smiling from his Camaro.
- Victoria Argent is somehow scarier than Gerard. That shouldn’t be possible.
- Jackson continuously running into Hunters while trying to find Derek. It’s kinda hilarious in retrospect.
- All of the puppies/werewolves sliding around on the ice as they fight.

Favorite Character(s):
- Erica for being awesome even before the bite.
- Lydia for for being brave despite the insanity around her.
- Boyd. For sheer awesomeness.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Scott: “It had a tail. I don’t have a tail.”
- Derek: “Let’s just say we have a mutual friend.”
- Boyd: “If you can’t I can demonstrate some other words with the “fa” sound.”
- Lydia (about Erica): “What the holy hell is that?”
- Allison (about the photobooth pictures of her and Scott): “This one’s normal…Oh. That’s not what I meant.”
- Erica: “I have beautiful everything.”
- Deaton: “This is just an animal clinic!”
- Isaac: “Well, I’m a little bummed about being a fugitive, but other than that I’m great.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Amazingly everyone keeps their shirts in this ep (apart from the dead guy), so I’m just going to use this space to say how much I love Derek’s puppies even when they are high on power. Also, oh Jackson bb.

Day 9: Abomination

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- The Sheriff trying to reassure Stiles to get him to talk about what happened with the murder. Best dad.
- Derek “training” his betas. In parkour or something, because that’s what werewolves do.
- Boyd and Erica’s expressions as they watch Derek break Isaac’s arm. (The start of the rift between them and Derek, as well as maybe their first glimmer that this was something different than they’d thought they’d signed up for).
- Boyd going out on the lacrosse field because it’s something he wants to do.
- Derek telling Stiles to run, and then Stiles immediately coming back for Derek.
- Chris and VIctoria’s faces when Scott shows up for dinner.
- Chris and Scott simultaneously grabbing dessert from the kitchen counter. Funniest scene in the entire show.
- Derek arguing his case to Stiles about why Stiles should keep him alive, because Derek doesn’t believe he should be kept alive just because he’s a person. Oh Derek.

Favorite Character(s):
- Lydia: Evasive, awesome Lydia.
- Danny. Just Danny.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Deaton: “I’m starting to think I need to buy a more prominent ‘closed’ sign.” (I love his sass.)
- Gerard: “You have to know the trust you never question is family.”
- Scott: “I think you mean bestiality.”
  Stiles: “Nope, pretty sure I don’t.”
- Danny (to Jackson): “Remember all the times I’ve told you you’re not my type.”
  Jackson: “FYI. I’m everyone’s type.”
- Finstock: “The bigger they are…the bigger…they are.”
- Allison (to Scott after he cracks the safe: “Do you want to do a few banks later?”
- Scott: “Nobody trusts anyone. That’s the problem!” (So true, Scott. So true.)

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Despite a quarter of this episode taking place in a pool, no shirtless scenes here either. So instead, I’m just going to say how much I love all of the sneaky little foreshadowing (with Victoria and Chris being Romeo and Juliet instead of Scott and Allison, and Stiles choosing the word abomination after the coach says it). This show. :D

Day 8: Venomous

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Erica and Isaac kidnapping Jackson at Derek’s behest. Isaac’s body language there is interesting, his hands hidden, his arms wrapped around his chest as he watches.
- Lydia’s visions/hallucinations. Completely terrifying and yet so awesome.
- The racing around in chemistry class. A lot of interesting one-one-one interactions between pairs we don’t really see.
- Most of the class (including the girls) volunteering to partner with Erica; and her and Isaac’s smile in result. It’s nice to see them enjoying their power.
- I am completely convinced that Morrell mistranslated on purpose here. Also, Allison’s little laugh and smile is adorable.

Favorite Character(s):
- Danny. For caring about Jackson and still not putting up with his shit.
- Lydia. Sometimes the best thing we can do is survive.
- Allison. Always prioritizing and thinking ahead. And she’s badass
- Boyd and his smile and his sass.
- Isaac and Erica using their newfound powers for the wanton destruction of school property. 

Favorite Quote(s):
- Sheriff Stilinski: “Aw, crap.”
- Isaac: “Nah, I was thinking I’d channel it into killing her. I’m not very good at writing.”
- Erica: “You know, I’ve always had this feeling that I’m a little bit psychic, and I just don’t think  you guys are going to last.” (Interestingly in some cultures seizures were associated with psychic premonitions.)
- Matt (to Danny): “Actually, we could have done it together.” (Oh Danny, you need better boyfriends.)
- Stiles: “There’s been a few break-ins around the neighborhood. And a murder. Yeah, it was bad.”
- Lydia: “I should. I should hate you.”

No Shirtless Scene(s) Again…:
- Who was wearing Danny’s slashed up lacrosse pads? Jackson? Do we know???
- How/why is Matt stealing Harris’ car???

Day 7: Frenemy

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Scott smiling happily when a man buys him a drink.
- Scott checking to see that Danny’s alright and not just for information.
- That Jackson’s dad knows something is wrong by the “I love you” text, and that Stiles just assumes that’s something Jackson would text to his dad.
- Victoria Argent’s emotional blackmail/abuse is intense. Amazing scenes, but still painful to watch.
- Scott working out what the kanima is doing with the murderers.
- Jackson listening to the others discuss whether he should live or die.
- That Scott and Stiles were actually going to tell the Sheriff together. If only, if only.

Favorite Character(s):
- Lydia and Allison: They’re still trying even with everything tearing them apart. (Though for heck’s sake, just TELL Lydia.)
- Young Peter. I really like him as a character and the way he works.
- Melissa. Best mom ever.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Stiles: “When’s the kanima not the kanima?”
  Scott: “When it’s Jackson.” 
- Scott: “Dude. Everyone in here is a dude!”
- Scott: “Are you okay?”
  Danny: “Did it happen to my ex too?”
  Scott: “Yeah.”
  Danny: “Then I’m great.”
- Sheriff Stilinski: “You’re not gay.”
  Stiles: “I could be!”
- Chris Argent: “Probably hallucinogens since witnesses say they saw a demonic monster on the dance floor.” (I just love that line!)
- Scott: “I was just trying to be optimistic.”
  Stiles: “Don’t bother.”
- Jackson: “I have a tail. Does it do anything?” (What would you expect it to do, Jackson?)
- Danny: “Jackson’s kind of always at a four, but we’re good.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- The gay club. So much shirtless. And Danny in the hospital. :D

Day 6: Restraint

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Not really a favorite moment, but I’m really curious what Matt was saying to Sean (the guy from the swim team who is killed in the opening sequence) before he set Jackson on him.
- The adults’ expressions while the Sheriff reads the terms of the restraining order. The entire scene where the parents deal with their teenagers and just can’t understand why their children are behaving like this.
- Melissa poking around in Scott’s room. (Though, for my adoptive mom those kind of discoveries with my siblings were usually just met with “well, at least you’re using protection”.)
- Erica figuring out that Jackson’s the kanima just from Stiles’ questions.
- Lydia’s walk to the Hale house. Beautiful scene.
- I still think SOMETHING is going on with Harris (involving Jackson somehow maybe) and I want to know what it is!
- Jackson and the books and the chalkboard in the library. Such an unsettling scene. I love the little psychological horror tricks the show uses (but not the body horror).
- Derek doing whatever it takes to save Erica, even if it’s painful and not what he would want to do.
- How/WHY is Peter Hale buried under the floorboards of the house? I mean, I get hiding the body, but can’t we just put him in the garden???

Favorite Character(s):
- Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski.
- Lydia. Just everything Lydia.
- Erica. How honest she is about everything; the way people treated her, her crush on Stiles.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Melissa: “…then no Stiles!”
  Stiles: “No Stiles?!”
- Melissa (to Scott): “Is this about your father?”
- Isaac: “If you have to lock us up on the full moon, that means you’re alone against the Argents.” (I love that Isaac is more concerned about the idea of someone else in his life disappearing than he is about being locked up.)
- Matt (regarding Allison’s heels): “Same reason I never wear mine.”
- Stiles: “Want to play Catwoman? I’ll be your Batman.”
- Jackson: “I have a RESTRAINING ORDER!” (Still one of my favorite lines ever, just because of the inflection.)
- Jackson: “We can’t be in detention together. I have a restraining order against these tools.”
  Harris: “All of these tools?”
  Stiles: “No, just us tools.”
- Erica (to Stiles): “You make a good Batman.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Jackson in the shower before he goes all rage-lizard (which, arguably is about 2 seconds, but still).

Day 5: Raving

This is my favorite episode in the whole show, so this will either be long or me just saying how much I love everything.

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Stiles and the Sheriff working the case together. And their evidence board. (I love the pics of all the people paralyzed in the gay club, with the little number markers. Did they stop to take those pics before they took all the people to the hospital??) And then the Sheriff being placed on a leave of absence. Their relationship kills me (in a good way).
- Scott, Isaac, Derek, and Deaton trying to figure out a plan of action together and bonding just a little over what they want to do.
- Allison and Scott, and the last conversation they get to have before everything goes to hell.
- Chris Argent putting on his thigh holster, for aesthetic reasons.
- Erica and Isaac entering the rave for the first time - they’re finally free to do something that their old lives would have prevented.
- The entire sequence of Isaac, Erica, and Jackson dancing, while Derek and Boyd fight the Hunters, and Stiles makes the circle of Mountain Ash. Just a really beautifully done scene for all of the parts.
- Stiles celebrating that he made the Mountain Ash work. (and conversely, pouting just a little bit when he has to break the circle.)
- Derek sending Boyd to safety, Derek rescuing Scott even when it means getting on the wrong(er) side of the Argents.
- Stiles, Isaac, and Erica grabbing each other and huddling together while they’re fleeing the kanima.
- Victoria running into Chris’ arms. Their love for each other is so humanizing for characters that are very nearly not human with their natural (which is interesting for a show where they are humans fighting against what is non-human).

Favorite Character(s):
- Stiles and the Sheriff, their relationship, always.
- Scott. Everything he does to try and keep everyone alive, even people he doesn’t necessarily like (like Isaac and Jackson).

Favorite Quote(s):
- Finstock: “I should be coaching college.”
- Scott (to Isaac): “I don’t want you to get hurt.” (Isaac’s expression after that. Like it’s the first time someone’s said that to him.)
- Chris: “How about ‘Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to bring claws to a gun fight?’”
  Boyd: “Yeah, that one sounded pretty good.”
- Stiles (after Isaac gets hurt): “Okay, nobody does anything like that again, okay?”
- Stiles: “Oh my God, it’s working! I did something!”
- Scott: “I’m not alone.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
-  I don’t think we got shirtlessness here, but let me just reiterate Chris Argent and his thigh holster and his eyes and his shirt and yeah…

Day 4: Party Guessed

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Laura Hale in Lydia’s nightmare of the attack on the lacrosse field. Lydia’s hallucinations of her future party.
- Chris’ desperation to keep the wife he loves while trying to follow the ideals of being a Hunter.
- Allison not letting Matt back in her car after she realizes he’s been stalking her. And again, at the party, standing up for herself (because she had the skills to do it safely) and not slipping away quietly.
- Boyd knowing what a trickle is and the various meanings. Derek teaching his pack and getting them really for the full moon.
- Lydia and Allison getting a moment to be friends and to play.
 - Why does Matt want to frame Harris for the murders? Convenience or is there something more?
- Stiles inviting the drag queens from The Jungle, and Lydia inviting them in.
- The betas as Derek puts on that torture headband thing on Erica, Isaac standing stiff and rigid with his expression set, Boyd looking away because he can’t stand to watch Erica hurt like that.
- Victoria controlling her own death. I think it’s reasonable given her character for her to decide that suicide is the only option under the circumstances, but she doesn’t let Chris or Gerard control how she does it.
- Allison’s wolfsbane hallucination of herself, of herself turning into Kate and how it seems so implausible right up until it happens for real. (also, a vision of Allison killing herself in the same episode where Victoria actually kills herself; interesting.)
- Stiles’ fear/hallucination and how he can’t look away from his dad until he covers his face to brace for the impact of the bottle. (Also an interesting parallel to Isaac watching his dad, not looking away until he has to cover his face for protection.)
- Scott’s hallucination; so much more than about losing Allison, but about losing his anchor, his control, and his humanity.
- Isaac coming back to help Derek with the back, finding his anchor, even though I’m still somewhat conflicted about Isaac’s anchor itself. I get holding onto the good memories of an abusive parent, the times when things were okay, but at the same time I don’t know how good of an anchor it will be for Isaac longterm. Also, I don’t ascribe to the theory that this indicates a “goodness” or “forgiveness” inherent in Isaac as some people have suggested. I think it probably means that Isaac’s divided his father into two people, separated them so he could live with his father from day to day and still function and this anchor is part of that.
- The set-up in the Hale house where Peter is buried. I wonder how many instructs Peter had given Lydia, how much of her own calculations she needed to do for the ankle of the moon, how long it took her to break up those floor boards to find Peter.
- Peter taking life-energy from Derek in order to resurrect himself, just like he took Laura’s life to become Alpha and heal himself. 

Favorite Character(s):
- Lydia. 
- The Sheriff and Stiles, Stiles still trying to help his dad solve the murder, them figuring out the connection to the swim team.
- Allison.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Lydia: “Are you real?”
  Peter: “Interestingly, that question can also be answered ‘not yet’.”
- Derek: “Scott’s with us.”
  Isaac: “Really? Then where is he now?”
- Stiles: “Is that the full moon talking here, buddy?” (I love how calm and cool Stiles is now about the entire werewolf thing. Like, he’s got this full moon thing down now.)
- Derek: “Find an anchor. Something meaningful to you. Bind yourself to it. Keep the human side in control.”
  Isaac: “What is it for you?”
  Derek: “Anger. But it doesn’t have to bee that for everybody.”
- Chris: “The ground isn’t shifting, it’s crumbling.”
- Derek: “Scott, can you call me back? I’m probably going to need some help. (hangs up phone) Definitely going to need some help.” (Just his tone of voice for the message is hilarious to me).
- Matt: “I can’t swim! I can’t swim! I can’t-“

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Lydia in the shower (again, running low on shirtless scenes to pick from here).

Day 3: Fury

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Stiles doing his silent celebration when his dad says they have enough for a warrant.
- Honestly, the tears in Matt’s eyes as he holds a gun on Stiles just kills me every time.
- Melissa and the Sheriff keeping their fear in check and not making things worse even though both of their children are in extreme danger and Scott’s already been shot.
- Allison’s expression, especially her eyes, as she declares that Derek and his pack are to be killed. It’s more shock and numbness than determination, which I think is really essential to Allison’s behavior these few episodes.
- Matt explaining what happened to him as a child. The inflection of his voice, the rage mixing with fear and panic. The disgust that his parents couldn’t help him. Also, Matt describing himself as dictating vengeance, taking responsibility for punishing those who’d gone unpunished (a Batman/Spiderman parallel, if we’re looking at these through the teens’ frequent references to superheroes/comic books).
- The attack on the Sheriff’s Department is pretty cool, but how on earth do they explain that much damage as coming from a single person?
- Allison and Chris hunting together. If this show was from the perspective and on the moral side of the Hunters, I think that would be seen as the moment of adulthood for Allison, taking control, using her skills in a battle with the other adult Hunters. (Also, the flash we see of Chris’ wedding band. I think it’s interesting that both Chris and the Sheriff are still wearing them.)
- Scott and Allison meeting up in the hallway and Allison warning him off.
- Derek’s face when he learns that Scott has been working with Gerard. We know it’s for a good cause, but poor Derek has just had so much betrayal in his life.
- Gerard killing Matt by drowning him. I find it an interesting parallel to Peter, dying by the worst thing that ever happened to them (Matt with drowning and Peter by fire).
- Peter just watching Gerard take control of the kanima. Peter’s endgame has so many options. It’s possible he was concerned he couldn’t physically take Gerard in his current condition, but still, it’s not like he’s exactly waiting for Derek to lose either.

Favorite Character(s):
- Derek
- Scott and Stiles
- Allison

Favorite Quote(s):
- Stiles: “Matt’s head! I sit behind him in history, he has a very distinct cranium. It’s weird.”
- Derek: “Still got some teeth. Why don’t you get down here a little closer, huh? We’ll see how helpless I am.”
  Stiles: “Yeah, bitch.”
- Sheriff Stilinski (after hearing the gunshot): “Scott! Stiles! What happened? … Matt! Matt, listen to me!”
- Matt (narrating past events): “I’m dying and they’re laughing. All of a sudden I’m just lying by the pool and Lahey he is right above me and he says, ‘You tell no one! This, this is your fault! You don’t know how to swim? What little bastard doesn’t know how to swim! You say nothing. You tell no one! No one!’ And I didn’t.” (I think this is such a powerful and perfect allegory to abuse and to the festering that comes with living in fear and silence and having it haunt every moment. I particularly love the way they have Matt echo what Lahey is saying to him, so it’s like we’re hearing the original and how it’s being processed in Matt’s mind.)
- Matt: “They didn’t know that every time I closed my eyes, I was drowning.”
- Derek: “I think so. I can move my toes.”
  Stiles: “Dude, I can move my toes.”
- Matt: “How totally clueless are you people?” (Hate to say it, but Matt’s kinda got a point. If you’re turning into a werewolf, just tell your parents. I already checked with my mom and she said she’d be cool with it.)

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Derek in hallucination land.

Day 2: Battlefield

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Stiles’ opening monologue as he knots the net of his crosse. Stiles explaining that he feels like he can’t breathe, like he’s drowning (like Matt).
- The Sheriff nodding as he’s handed back his badge.
- Erica and Boyd standing in the woods and listening the sound of a pack howling (and Boyd gets to do the “There are no wolves in California” line).
- Isaac learning to take the puppy’s pain and making a positive connection with Deaton and Scott.
- Finstock’s Independence Day speech and Melissa’s initial confusion, followed by her reluctant understanding.
- Erica and Boyd holding hands as they’re hiding from the Hunters. Boyd coming back for Erica, to guard her, while Erica begs Allison to stop hurting him. Chris being the one to stop Allison.
- Jackson making the decision to stab himself rather than anyone else. To have the strength and the willpower and the selflessness to regain that much control over himself in order to save someone else.

Favorite Character(s):
- Stiles, Erica and Boyd, Isaac, Derek, Scott, Danny, Melissa, the Sheriff
(At this point it’s just faster to say that I love everyone.)

Favorite Quote(s):
- Stiles: “Jackson. Jackson hasn’t really been himself lately.”
- Gerard: “I didn’t just come here to bury my daughter. I came to avenge her.”
- Derek: “No. You’re running. And once you start, you don’t stop. You’ll always be running.”
- Scott (to Isaac): “It’s okay. The first time he showed me, I cried too.”
- Isaac (to Scott): “Because I trust you. Because you always seem to want to do the right thing.” (I think the wording here is important. I think Scott is the first person in Isaac’s life that he’s seen who genuinely is trying to do the right thing, to help people even when he doesn’t necessarily like them, and even when he doesn’t succeed. But the important thing is that Scott wants to do the right thing.)
- Isaac: “Well, I guess that makes me lucky ‘cause, ‘cause I don’t have anyone, so.”
- Danny: “You okay, dude?”
  Jackson: “I’m perfect.”
  Danny: “Well, we all know that, but are you okay?”
- Peter: “I may be the one taking the beating, Derek, but you’ve already been beaten.”
- Sheriff Stilinski: “Oh no. Why is my son running out to the field?”
  Melissa: “Because he’s on the team?”
  Sheriff Stilinski: “He is. He’s on the team, he’s on the field. My son is on the field!” (The Sheriff and Melissa are just so freaking cute!)
- Scott: “You came to help.”
  Isaac: “I came to win.”
- Sheriff Stilinski: “Where’s Stiles? Where’s my son? Where’s Stiles? Where the hell is my son?!”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Scott getting out of the shower.

Day 1: Master Plan

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- Stiles trying to get Erica and Boyd free and standing up to Gerard and just being Stiles.
- Chris trying to stand up to Gerard, trying to fix his relationship with Allison, trying to see a way where he can get what remains of his family back from Gerard. Chris letting Erica and Boyd go free. Everything Chris does this episode. Chris holding Allison at the end of the episode, sitting in the same place where he held Victoria.
- Melissa being brave and smart and ready to do whatever is necessary despite being thrust into this whole mess just two episodes ago.
- The Sheriff being so protective of Stiles and Stiles trying to protect his dad in return. Their hug, being so glad that they’re both alive and mostly safe.
- Scott dropping Jackson. Just because it’s a funny moment in an intense episode and Scott and Isaac just both look momentarily horrified.
- Peter eye-rolling at Derek’s enjoyment of werewolf parkour and dramatic entrances. Also, Peter just watching the fight, not joining in until it comes time for the last moment. Peter’s definitely got something at work in his plans and schemes.
- The flashback scene to Jackson and Lydia. It’s nice to see how they were alone together, without the need for competition or barriers.
- Jackson nodding to Derek, once again willing to sacrifice his life to keep everyone else safe.
- Derek reaching out to touch Isaac’s shoulder after Jackson is killed and the fight is over.
- Jackson coming back as a werewolf with blue eyes, reborn. It’s just a really beautiful and well-filmed scene.
- Peter, Derek, and Isaac gathered outside the Hale house, the last remaining wolves in their pack with a new threat already gathering.
- Scott and Stiles enduring friendship, just as strong at the end of season two as it was at the start of season one.

Favorite Character(s):
- Everyone. Everyone.

Favorite Quote(s):
- Isaac: “Who is he?”
  Scott: “He’s Peter, Derek’s uncle. Little while back, he tried to kill us all, and then we set him on fire, and Derek slashed his throat.”
  Peter: “Hi.”
  Isaac: “That’s good to know.”
- Stiles (when his dad sees he’s hurt): “It’s okay Dad, it’s okay.”
- Peter: “Look, someone actually made an animation of it. Maybe it’s less frightening if we - (screeching coming from computer)” Derek recoils, Peter shuts the laptop. “Nope, not at all.”
- Stiles: “See, that’s the problem. You don’t care about getting hurt. But you know how I’ll feel? I’ll be devastated. And if you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind. You see, death doesn’t happen to you, Lydia. It happens to everyone around you, okay? To all the people left standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how they’re gonna live the rest of their lives now with you in it.” (I think this is important as to how Stiles reacts to the entire last half of the season, how it’s not just his frail human self that he has to worry about keeping alive, but how it’s everyone because the prospect of going through another funeral and still going on is just too much.)
- Gerard (to Chris): “When it comes to survival, I’d kill my own son.”
- Jackson: “Do you…do you still?”
  Lydia: “I do. I do still love you.”
- Peter: “An Alpha Pack. And they’re not coming. They’re already here.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- Jackson (of course, this isn’t so much shirtless as it is everything-less).

Day 0: Search for the Cure (Webisodes)

Favorite Scene/Moment(s):
- I actually enjoy the exploration of various cultural mythologies of werewolves in this show.
- Also, love that Dr. Fenris (nice name by the way) is played by Tyler Posey’s father.
- Nothing stops Stiles’ commitment to research (to helping Scott), even common sense and boundaries.
- Stiles wrapping his hand in his shirt to break the window and failing painfully and dramatically and adorably.
- Scott talking down Fenris from shooting them and getting him to answer some questions.
- The picture of Derek’s mother and bb!Derek! Fenris saved Derek’s mother’s life from a Hunter!!!
- The mythology about the Wolf Moon and information from an outside source about pack structure and a pack growing stronger.
- Scott giving Fenris a reason to believe again. (Though, I kind of wonder why Fenris never came looking for Scott and Stiles again).

Favorite Character(s):
- Scott and Stiles, of course!

Favorite Quote(s):
- Scott: “Is he the guy on the horse?”
  Stiles: “He’s the wolf, dumbass!” (I love that Stiles and Scott’s relationship leaves room for them to push each other around a bit; more like brothers (always there for each other, but occasionally frustrated beyond belief with each other).
- Scott: “Except Derek.”
  Stiles: “There you go, mentioning his name again. Do you enjoy hurting me?”
- Scott: “I think he thinks we’re going to mug him!”
- Scott: “Am I going to regret plan B?”
  Stiles: “Only if we get caught.”
- Stiles: “You learn more from failures than successes.”
  Scott: “You must be a genius by now.”
- Fenris: “Good plan.”
  Stiles: “Thank you…*look of horror*”
- Fenris: “God, I hate that oath.”
- Scott: “Is there a cure?”
  Fenris: “Yes. Cut them in half.”

Favorite Shirtless Scene(s):
- No shirtlessness here, but season 3 starts in about 12 hours! We made it through hiatus!


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