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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 11:07 pm
My policy on warnings and content is in my profile.
Many pieces are also cross posted on my Archive of Our Own account
Fics are sorted by fandom. Fandoms are listed in alphabetical order.
Stargate fic index can be found here.
Criminal Minds fic index can be found here.


Fascinating - Stargate: Atlantis & Sherlock (BBC) - John Sheppard/Sherlock Holmes - Words: 2,614
Summary: When John Sheppard and Sherlock Holmes go back to Sherlock's apartment one night, the result isn't something either of them expected.
Content Notes: None. PG.

Five Shacks In Canada Welfycat Didn't Write About - Doctor Who, Glee, Supernatural, Firefly, White Collar - Gen - Words: 949
Written for Canadian Shack 10th Anniversary
Summary: Five fandoms, five shacks, one Canada.
Content Notes: None. PG.

Guest Spot - Stargate: Atlantis & Supernatural - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 1,067
Written for Stargateland's Follow the Actor Challenge.
Summary: Evan and David nearly play a part in a crime drama. Sorta.
Content Notes: None. PG.

The Letter "L" Job - Sesame Street & Leverage - Gen (Eliot Spencer, Grover) - Words: 400
Summary: Eliot helps a little blue monster figure out what the letter of the day is while he's on a retrieval job.
Content Notes: None. G.

Many 'Verses, One Community - Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Leverage, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1 - Gen - Words: 2,780
Written for Colls with lots of love and affection! Thanks so much for everything you do!
Summary: Characters enjoy Land Comms as much as anyone. Sometimes more.
Content Notes: None. PG.

Seeing Him Now - Leverage and Supernatural - Gen (Eliot Spencer, Sam Winchester) - Words: 2,195
Written for hurt/comfort bingo; Prompt: dungeons
Summary: A chance meeting in a dungeon has a lasting impact on Eliot over the years. Pre-series to present for both Leverage and Supernatural.
Content Notes: None. PG-13

Selected Scenes from Twilight (in the Style of F. Kafka)
- 644 words
Fandoms: Twilight and Franz Kafka
Summary: Two scenes from Stephenie Meyer's vampire novel Twilight as if they were written by Franz Kafka.

Space Cowboy (Or Something Similar) - John Sheppard/Kurt Hummel - 1,234 words
Fandoms: Glee and Stargate: Atlantis
Summary: John Sheppard really needs to listen to more than one musician.
Written for a StargateLand Crossover challenge
Content Notes: None. PG.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

At a Crossroads -  Willow/Tara, Willow/Oz - Words: 1,059
Written for a Whedonland challenge. Co-written with racheltng
Summary: Tara and Oz try to sort themselves (and their feelings) out. An episode tag to New Moon Rising. 
Content Notes: None. PG

Faces - Oz/Willow - Words: 800
Written for Hurt/Comfort Bingo; Prompt: Werewolves: Fresh Bite/First Transformation
Summary: Oz and Willow connect after Oz turns into a werewolf. Episode tag to Phases (Season 2, Episode 15)
Content Notes: None. G

Planning for the Inevitable - Gen (Oz and Willow) - Words: 661
Written for Whedonland; prompt: someone vows to build a small animal refuge in the woods by themselves
Summary: Oz discovers that Willow actually isn't very good at art.
Content Notes: None. G.


Revisions Necessary - Gen (Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir) - Words: 970
Written for the CaffeinatedMagic Prompt Table 01; Prompt: Two Left Feet
Summary: Detectives Barnes and Nadir are on the case.
Content Notes: None. PG

That Day is Not Today - Gen (Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir) - Words: 944
Written for the CaffeinatedMagic Prompt Table 01; Prompt: Broken
Summary: The time will come when Troy has to face his destiny.
Content Naotes: None. G.
Author Notes: Takes place early season two.

Criminal Minds:

Criminal Minds fic can be found on the Criminal Minds Fic Index.


Decisions are Made in the Distant Past - Gen (Topher) - Words: 10,106
Written for Jossverse Big Bang
Summary: It's a half kind of life, working for Rossum and living in the Dollhouse, and that's just the actives that Topher programs. Topher's life, his thoughts, his abilities, and his very existence have all been building to this one moment. He doesn't know how to stop the chain of events that he's unwittingly triggered, he doesn't think that it's even possible.
But, maybe he can take himself out of the equation and still get something that he wants in the process.
Content Notes: Dark themes (on par with the show), Semi-Suicidal Ideation

Games Dolls Play - Gen (Topher) - Words: 1,608
Written for Whedonland
Summary: Topher has a different way of playing. Based on Haunted (episode 10, season 1). A series of 10 interrelated drabbles.
Content Notes: Moral ambiguity/amorality (pretty much on the same level of the series). G.

Voulez Vous  - Gen (Topher) - Words: 355
Written for Whedonland's Speaking in Tongues Challenge. Received Honorable Mention.
Summary: Topher has lots of tricks up his sleeves for wooing the ladies. Too bad none of them work.
Warnings: None. G.


Protein- Gen (Simon Tam) - 641 words
Written for Mundane Bingo. Prompt: you're hungry but you don't seem to want anything specific
Summary: Simon tries to figure out what to do next.
Content Notes: None. G.

Unicorns and Cake – Gen (Simon and River Tam) - Words: 575
Written for Whedonland; prompt: someone throws a big, expensive party... and only three people attend
Summary: Simon helps River throw a party.
Content Notes: None. G.

Waking Up and Flying Away - Gen (River Tam) - Words: 787
Written for Whedonland Calendar Challenge
Summary: River is everything, inside her mind
Content Notes: None. G. 

We've Got Your Bunnies - Gen (Kaylee Frye, River Tam) - 389 words
Written for a Whedonland challenge.
Summary: Kaylee smuggles a pet on-board. She gets help keeping that fact from the Captain from an unexpected source.
Content Notes: None. G.


iPod - A Fringe Parody Script - 2,021 words
Summary: Olivia investigates a new instance of the "pattern" in downtown Salt Lake City.


Beautiful Day - Gen (Blaine Anderson) - Words: 810
Written for bluerosefairy's fandom stocking.
Summary: Blaine's starts at Dalton Academy.
Content Notes: Discussion of bullying. PG.
Author Notes: Takes place pre-series for Blaine. Title is from a U2 song.

Highlighters and Glitter Pens - Brittany/Santana - 820 words
Written for Kink Bingo, Prompt: Writing on the body.
Summary: Brittany and Santana take school girl doodling a few steps further.
Content Notes: Intimate situation between two high school aged girls (under 18). Soft R.

White Chocolate - Gen (Sam Evans) - Words: 5,739 (2 Chapters so far)
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompt: Hookers (Wild Card)
Summary: Sam will do anything for his family.
Content Notes: An 18 year old high school student stripping and prostituting himself for money (non-explicit). R.
Author Notes: Spoilers through 3.08 "Hold on to Sixteen". This may possibly be continued at a later day. No promises.


The Metamorphosis [The Paper Cut-Out Remix] - 1,150 words, 55 pictures
Summary: Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, retold with pictures with snarky captions.


Early Sunday Mass - Gen (Nate Ford) - Words: 880
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompt: Religion
Summary: Standing outside a church is a terrible place to think and remember. Episode Tag to The Miracle Job.
Content Notes: Continued grieving for a canon character death. PG

Five Times Eliot Danced (and one time when he just punched someone instead) - Gen (Eliot Spencer) - Words: 1,236
Summary: Eliot was a dancer and a fighter.
Content Notes: Minor violence. PG-13.

Free Falling - Parker, Eliot Spencer/Alec Hardison - Words: 1,328
Written for Kink Bingo (round four), Prompt: Suspension
Summary: It's not an unfamiliar feeling, for Parker, but it comes from an unexpected source.
Content Notes: Voyeurism without the awareness or consent of those who are being watched. R.

Over Again - Gen (Eliot Spencer, references to canon pairings) - Words: 835
Written for the CaffeinatedMagic Prompt Table 01; Prompt: Happy Ending
Summary: They save the day, again, but some things don't change.
Content Notes: None. PG


Barely a Blessing (or Nathan vs. The Vending Machine) - Gen (Curtis and Nathan) - Words: 1,770
Written for dellessa's fandom-stocking.
Summary: Curtis doesn't want to save the world, but he can't really help but save the people who are sorta his friends.
Content Notes: Temporary (cracky) character death (it's not sad at all, I promise). Swearing.
Author Notes: Takes place in between Season 1 Episode 4 and Season 1 Episode 6.
Betaed by the most wonderful emeraldsnakes.

But Names Will Never Hurt Me - Simon/Nathan - Words: 2,311
Written for brighteyed_jill's fandom-stocking.
Summary: Simon and Nathan hit a mishap during their first sexual encounter.
Content Notes: References to sexual child abuse. R
Author Notes: Takes place in mid season 2, sometime after season 2 episode 3.

Predictions - Simon/Nathan - Words: 931
Written for Canadian Shack 10th Anniversary
Summary: Nathan's new power was useful but had some important drawbacks they hadn't discovered until now.
Content Notes: None. PG.
Author Notes: AU starting Season 3. Nathan doesn't leave and he has a different new power.

The Sarah Jane Adventures:

Altruistic Evasion - Gen (Sarah Jane Smith and Luke Smith) - Words: 2,267
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompt: Vulnerability
Summary: Sarah Jane contemplates just how dangerous the world is, even without aliens, for Luke who has no concept of people who don't have the best of intentions. 
Content Notes: Kidnapping, suggestions of malicious intent. PG-13

Fighting for Consciousness - Gen (Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith) - Words: 1,257
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompt: Tight Spaces
Summary: The helplessness of being captive in her own mind hurt more than Sarah Jane had ever imagined.
Content Notes: None. PG.


Blood Brothers - Gen (Lex Luther, Clark Kent) - 2,988 words
Written for Hurt/Comfort Bingo, Prompt: Undiagnosed/Mysterious Illness
Summary: Lex takes care of Clark when they’re kidnapped and Clark is very sick. AU Episode tag to Lineage (Season 2, Episode 7)
Content Notes: kidnapping, restraints. PG-13.

Just Lex - Lex Luther/Clark Kent - 1,245 words
Written for Kink Bingo, Prompt: Oral Fixation
Summary: Set directly after the Season One episode Zero, Lex allows himself to contemplate the boy who has been saving him routinely since the first time they met.
Content Notes: Contains an adult having sexual thoughts/fantasies about a 15 year old boy. Soft R.

Late Night Drive - Gen (Clark Kent, Lana Lang) - 635 words
Written for Mundane Bingo, Prompt: Nearly have head-on collision with someone coming around a blind corner at speed
Summary: Clark and Lana have a near miss with Lex Luthor
Content Notes: None. G.

Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG1 fic and series can be found on the Stargate Fic Index Page.

Star Trek: Deep Space 9:

The Importance of Continuing Education - Julian Bashir/Garak - 2,480 words
Written for Kink Bingo, Prompt: Sex Toys (worn under clothing).
Summary: Julian Bashir learns something new about himself.
Content Notes: None. Soft R.

Junctions - Ezri Dax/Julian Bashir - Words: 1,052
Written for jrmstoughchick's fandom stocking.
Summary: Ezri refuses to ask where she is or what she's doing, even if she might never find out.
Content Notes: None. G.
Author Notes: Takes place early season seven.


Brother Swan - Gen (Sam and Dean Winchester) - Words: 1,860
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompts: Fairy Tales & Folklore, Moments Lost, Mute, Tight Spaces
Summary: Pre-series. One thing has always been the same about the Winchester brothers: they'll do anything to save each other.
Content Notes: None. PG
Author Notes: A retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Wild Swans

By Your Side - Gen (Sam and Dean Winchester) - Words: 2,683
Written for H/C Bingo February Mini-Challenge. Prompts: Arachnophobia, Alcoholism, Cursed, and Child Abuse (Emotional).
Summary: A fight with some unusual enemies unsettles memories in both Sam and Dean, leaving Sam wondering how he can possibly help.
Content Notes: Spiders, Child Abuse. PG-13

No One Left To Pray To - Gen (Sam Winchester) - Words: 2,021
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompt: Slavery
Summary: Castiel will never let the Winchesters go now that he holds all the power.
Content Notes: Captivity, violence, non-consensual bondage. R.
Author Notes: Takes place after the end of season six, general spoilers for all seasons with specific spoilers for The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Temporarily Home - Gen (Sam Winchester) - Words: 1,011
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompt: Orphans & Runaways
Summary: When Sam is twelve he gets to be normal, for a little while.
Content Notes: None. G.
Author Notes: References information learned in s05e16 Dark Side of the Moon

To Be Loved By Angels (or; Lucky, Lucky Human) - Dean Winchester/Castiel - Words: 1,115
Written for race_the_ace's St. Patrick's Day Challenge. Prompt: Getting Lucky
Summary: Even after all this time, Dean never anticipated the way Cas would pop in and out of his dreams.
Content Notes: None. Soft R.
Author Notes: I blame this story for making me google image search the phrase 'Castiel shirtless' in order to determine whether or not an angel would have chest hair.

White Collar

Determination - Gen (Neal Caffrey) - Words: 1,130
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompt: Hunger
Summary: Neal grows his beard and loses weight. One is intentional, the other isn't.
Content Notes: None. G

(Master List last updated on 01/18/2012)