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April 8th, 2012

welfycat: A MS Paint drawing of me. (Default)
Sunday, April 8th, 2012 10:18 am
False Starts and Still Beating Hearts - Criminal Minds - Gen (JJ Jareau, Emily Prentiss) - Words: 2,283
Written for Dark Fest. Prompt: People see JJ as the innocent one with the good family background - all the better for her to keep her secrets.
Summary: JJ doesn't have to tell the truth but sometimes she wants to tell someone at least part of it.
Content Notes: Discussion of suicide attempts and successful suicides, discussion of suicide methods (semi-graphic) and suicidal ideation and thoughts, scars. R.
Author Notes: Spoilers for 5.13 Risky Business. Takes place a few months later.
On AO3: False Starts and Still Beating Hearts

False Starts and Still Beating Hearts )
welfycat: A MS Paint drawing of me. (Default)
Sunday, April 8th, 2012 10:25 am
Advanced Breaking and Entering - Community - Gen (Annie, Abed, Troy) - Words: 1,514
Written for Dark Fest 2012. Prompt: Annie's apartment really isn't safe at all.
Summary: Living above Dildopolis was never easy, but Annie's prepared, or so she thinks.
Content Notes: Fear of assault in a threatening situation. PG-13
Author Notes: Takes place in season three, in between Remedial Chaos Theory and Studies in Modern Movement. Spoilers for those episodes.
On AO3: Advanced Breaking and Entering

Advanced Breaking and Entering )
welfycat: A MS Paint drawing of me. (Default)
Sunday, April 8th, 2012 10:44 am
Criminal Minds Fandom's Favorite Fics 2011 Voting:

If you're in the Criminal Minds fandom it's likely you've already seen this, but I figured I'd put a link here anyway for those who haven't: Nomination Links and Voting

Fics I have written were nominated in seven (7!) categories! Thank you all so much!

I've been reading through the nominated fics and it's been a very enjoyable experience. If you read in the Criminal Minds fandom I highly suggest you go over and take a look at the categories you're interested in.

Other Updates (It's Been Kind of Quiet Around Here...):

You've probably noticed a certain lack of prolificness these past two months, but I assure you that is highly deceptive. I've been writing on several longer pieces, one of which should be ready to post at the end of this month (assuming calamity doesn't strike just because I typed that). So, here's an overview of what is going on:


The first draft of my Summer of Stargate is finished and has been sent to my beta. Artist claiming starts tomorrow and I'm a little bit nervous to see if anyone will even be interested in my fic. (Vampire!Daniel For The Win!)

Next up on the Stargate front is the SGA ReverseBang, which I'm still outlining, and the Atlantis Big Bang, which I have two ideas that I'm still trying to pick between because I love them both.

Criminal Minds:

I have three long fics in this fandom that are in various stages of completion. Two are Alternative Universes, currently at 35k and 40k. The 40k one is maybe a third of the way through, and the 35k is maybe halfway through.

The one I'm really excited for and pushing on at the moment is a Reid/Morgan fic that currently is at 22k and is halfway through, though the first fic in a three part series that I will work on finishing this year. The tentative title to the series is Living in a Castle of Crumbling Walls and I anticipate posting the first fic around the end of this month.

I also anticipate writing/posting two more Angst Bingo fics this month in the To Field and Hollow series (where Reid and Hotch are SPN-style hunters) in order to finish a line on this round of Angst Bingo.