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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 01:34 pm
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Stargate High School

Stargate High School is a High School AU that combines characters from Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. Characters from Stargate SG1 appear as the teachers and staff of Stargate High School, and characters from Stargate Atlantis are the students.

Each piece can be read as a stand along, although previous stories can make mention of things that have previously happened. If a piece relies heavily on an earlier one, I will provide a link to the piece in question. Stories are listed in order of occurrence.

Stepping Up - Stargate: Atlantis & SG1 - Gen (John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Radek Zelenka) - Words: 1,384
Written for High School Bingo; Prompt: Class - P.E.
Summary: The first week at a new school seemed to set the tone for the rest of the year, and John Sheppard figured he was going to be in for a long year.
Content Notes: None. G.

A Matter of Biology - Stargate: Atlantis & SG1 - Evan Lorne/David Parrish, Alison Porter/Dusty Merha - Words: 1,829
Written for High School Bingo; Prompt: Project/Lab Partner
Summary: When Evan Lorne transfers to a different science class he is caught off guard by his assigned lab partner.
Content Notes: None. G.

Sung from the Heart - Stargate: Atlantis & SG1 - Gen (Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran) - Words: 2,209
Written for High School Bingo; Prompt: Clubs and Extracurricular
Summary: Picking the play, Daniel Jackson discovered, wasn't even half of the battle.
Content Notes: None. G.

To the Rescue - Stargate: Atlantis & SG1 - Gen (John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Jack O'Neill) - Words: 2,045
Written for High School Bingo; Prompt: Suspension/Expulsion
Summary: When John gets in trouble it's for the same reason almost every time.
Content Notes: minor violence. PG-13.

The Right Thing to Do - Stargate: Atlantis & SG1 - Rodney McKay/Katie Brown, Ronon Dex/Jennifer Keller - Words: 1,897
Written for High School Bingo; Prompt: Break Up
Summary: The 'thing' Rodney had with Katie Brown had gone on for a long time, but it was past time for it to end.
Content Notes: None. G.

Finding the Way (Stargate d/s 'verse)

An alternate d/s universe starting in season 1 of SG1. Stories can be read by themselves or in any order, though they are listed in order of occurrence (not in order of writing).

Possession- Daniel Jackson - 5,379 words.
Written for Kink Bingo November Mini Challenge, Prompts: Master, Doms, Slaves and Subs, humiliation (situational), exposure/striptease, possession/marking.
Summary: Daniel learns what it is to be a sub on another planet. An AU retelling of the episode "Emancipation". Content Notes: Takes place in a AU BDSM'verse. Nonconsensual humiliation, nonconsensual flogging, nonconsensual kidnapping, dubiously consensual stripping of clothing, statements of possession. R.

Unexpected  - Teal'c/Sam Carter - Words: 2,602
Written for December Kink Bingo Challenge; Prompt: Washing/Cleaning, and Masters, Doms, Slaves, and Subs
Summary: Sam spends a evening subbing to Teal'c, but it's not at all what she'd imagined.
Content Notes: Takes place in a AU BDSM'verse. R.

The Reason Cages Were Invented - Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill - 5,225 words
Written for Kink Bingo October Mini Challenge, Prompt: Caged/Confined.
Summary: Jack figures out how to deal with his disobedient submissive, Daniel Jackson.
Content Notes: Takes place in an AU BDSM-'verse. Consensual bdsm, leashes, collars, cages/confinement, discussions of whipping/spanking. R.

Stargate Standalone Fics:

If you're looking for stories by pairing I would recommend using tags as stories are listed here in alphabetical order.

Stargate Atlantis:

The Adherence of Memory - Gen (John Sheppard) - Word Count: 15,040
Written for Stargateland Big Bang
Summary: John Sheppard discovers that who he thought he was is absolutely nothing in comparison to what he could become.
Content Notes: Violence, disturbing imagery. R.

All the Time in the Universe - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 1,072
Written for Stargateland's prompt challenge. Prompt 1: New.
Summary: Dating on Atlantis is harder than it seems.
Content Notes: None. G.

Because - John Sheppard/David Parrish - Words: 1,358
Written for the Off-the-Clock challenge at StargateLand.
Summary: All John really wants to do is sleep, but fortunately for him David Parrish comes to the rescue.
Content Notes: None. G.

Choosing Option Number Two - Stargate Atlantis - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 870
Written for Canadian Shack 10th Anniversary
Summary: Evan and David wake up somewhere they didn't go to sleep. They cope.
Content Notes: Minor sexual content. PG-17

Commanding Officer- Evan Lorne/John Sheppard - 860 words
Written for Kink Bingo, Prompt: Authority Figures
Summary: John isn't sure how this whole thing with Evan Lorne got started but he was sure it wasn't what he had signed up for.
Content Notes: None. NC-17.

Dark and Light, Day and Night - Gen (Sheppard's Team & Lorne's Team) - Words: 3,081
Written for Scifiland's Come to the Dark Side Challenge
Summary: John Sheppard figured that going off-world was kind of like gambling in Las Vegas; you went in with a pretty good idea of what was going to happen, but sometimes it could still catch you completely off guard.
Sequel: Noon Bright - Gen (Sheppard's Team & Lorne's Team) - Words: ~800

Devil's in the Details - John Sheppard/David Parrish - Words: 1,798
Written for StargateLand's Alien's Made Them Do It Challenge
Summary: The Pegasus Galaxy is a strange and dangerous place, with strange rituals and customs that must be navigated with caution.
Content Notes: None. PG.

A Different Kind of Miracle - Gen (Jeannie Miller, Rodney McKa) - 618 words
Written for Three Space Shows and a Movie Mini-Ficathon (hosted on AO3, link will take you to AO3)
Summary: Episode tag to Miller's Crossing. Jeannie stays a night in the infirmary.
Content Notes: None. G.

Disclosure - Gen (Rodney McKay, John Sheppard) - 2,145 words
Written for Angst Bingo, Prompt: Child Abuse
Summary: Rodney offers an unexpected explanation.
Content Notes: Discussion of child abuse. PG-13

Dreams of Dying in Vegas - Gen (John Sheppard) - Words: 1,175
Written for Stargateland Cockamamie Crossovers Challenge. Prompt: Dreamscape
Summary: Every night, when John closes his eyes he dreams that he's dying. Crossover with Supernatural
Content Notes: None. PG-13

Evan Lorne: Vampire Hunter  - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 1,955
Written for December Kink Bingo Challenge; Prompt: Bites/Bruises
Summary: Hunting vampires in the Pegasus galaxy was surprisingly similar to hunting vampires on Earth.
Content Notes: Biting, a little bit of blood. R.
Notes: Apologies to the show Sanctuary, from which I ruthlessly borrow characters and plot.

Falling Down (and Getting Back Up Again) - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 1,251
Written for eriah221's fandom stocking.
Summary: An emergency on Atlantis keeps Evan from where he wants to be.
Content Notes: None. G.
Author Notes: Takes place late season three. Established relationship.

From Here to There (C is for Car Trip) - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 1,255
Written for the Parrish/Lorne Alphabet Soup Challenge (the letter C) at parrish_lorne. Betaed by the wonderful [personal profile] emeraldsnakes.
Summary: Evan and David drive into the setting sun even though they're nowhere near a Hollywood set.
Content Notes: None. PG.

Hailing Frequencies Closed - David Parrish/John Sheppard - Words: 804
Written for angst bingo and race_the_ace. Prompt: Mute (race_the_ace asked for John/David; David not being able to help John during a bad day).
Summary: Reaching out is impossible if the person you are reaching for won't take your hand.
Content Notes: None. PG-13

Heavy in Your Arms - Evan Lorne/John Sheppard - Words: 11,410
Written for sgareverse big bang.
Summary: Atlantis was not the safe haven Evan Lorne had been expecting but there was someone there who was a haven all on his own.
Content Notes: Disturbing Imagery. R.

Home, Far Away - Gen (John Sheppard) - Words: 837
Written for Stargateland Extra! Extra! Challenge
Summary: Declassification came and went without a sound or a warning.
Content Notes: None. G.

I Know You'll Be There - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 1,521
Written for the Scifiland 'Love, Actually' Challenge.
Summary: David Parrish had long ago decided that the worst part of being held captive was worrying about the rest of the team. Being in love with Evan Lorne had suddenly amplified that ten-fold.
Warnings: Brief captivity. PG-13

Inhabitants - Gen (Atlantis (sentient)) - Words: 20 100-word drabbles (2000 words total)
Written for Stargateland's 20 in 20 challenge.
Summary: Atlantis has come to care deeply for the people she shelters.
Content Notes: None. G.
Author Notes: General spoilers for the entire series.

Insight - Gen (Rodney McKay, John Sheppard) - Words: 2,872
Written for Hurt/Comfort Bingo; Prompt: Suicide Attempt. Also written for x_varda_x, who requested some Rodney whump.
Summary: John discovers that he doesn’t know everything there is to know about Rodney McKay.
Content Notes: Discussion of past suicide attempt, gunshot wound, blood. PG-13.

Irredeemable - Gen (Lucius Lavin, John Sheppard) - Words: 1,001
Written for the Stargateland Very Minor Characters Challenge.
Summary: When walking through the halls of Atlantis, Lucius finds the one thing he wants the most; the thing he can't have. Who is he to resist temptation?
Content Notes: Rape (non graphic). R.
Author Notes: Takes place during the episode Irresistible.

It's Catchy - Evan Lorne/John Sheppard - Words: 546 (sans lyrics)

Written for Stargateland's "Ray, a Guy Who Buys Some Twinkies" Challenge.

Summary: It wasn't quite singing in the rain. It was something else entirely.

Content Notes: Rated N for Naked.

Author Notes: This challenge was designed for crack fic, right?

Just for a Moment - Evan Lorne/John Sheppard - Words: 1,526
Written for December Kink Bingo Challenge; Prompt: Bondage (other)
Summary: Sometimes there isn't anything John can do.
Content Notes: Bondage. R.

Know-How (Z is for Zipcuffs) - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 1,162
Written for the [community profile] parrish_lorne Alphabet Soup Challenge
Summary: Evan teaches David how to escape from zipcuffs, and David teaches Evan something else entirely.
Content Notes: Restraint with zipcuffs. PG-13

Learn Something New Everyday - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 3,560
Written for the Parrish/Lorne Thing a Thon; Prompt: After a mission, Parrish is stripping for the showers. Lorne notices a long, jagged, angry looking scar marring the milky, freckled skin of his thigh.
Summary: Sometimes Evan forgets they haven't actually been together long enough to know every detail of each other's bodies and the history that is written there.
Content Notes: descriptions of scars. R.

Needs and Wants (or, Five List John Made his First Year in the Pegasus Galaxy - Gen - 1,006 words
Written for Mundane Bingo. Prompt: Making Lists
Summary: John thinks about what Atlantis needs.
Content Notes: None. G. General spoilers for season one.

Not a Free Cell - Gen (John Sheppard) - 1,349 words
Written for Mundane Bingo. Prompt: Solitaire
Summary: John finds it odd that he's able to be bored in an off-world jail.
Content Notes: Brief Captivity. G.

Only You - Evan Lorne/David Parrish – Words: 1,453
Written for [personal profile] clwilson2006 after “Parrish crying during sex” was prompted in the Team Atlantis chat room.
Summary: Evan Lorne never thought his first time with another man would be quite like this.
Content Notes: Mildly implied unhappy past relationships (interpret as you will). NC-17

Open Window to Your Thoughts - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 1,534
Written for the Parrish/Lorne Thing a Thon; Prompt: Parrish comes across a lost sketch pad dropped in the hallway.
Summary: David Parrish isn't an artist, but he can see the appeal.
Content Notes: None. PG-13

Persistence Pays Off (When You Least Expect It To) - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 3,350
For the Slashing Lorne Fic Exchange. Written for Calcitrix who prompted: Offworld travel of exploration of the city, first time, and shenanigans or hijinks.
Summary: For Evan Lorne, Atlantis is full of unexpected things in unexpected places.
Content Notes: None. PG.

Paranoia - Gen - 789 words
Written for Mundane Bingo. Prompt: picking through avocados/fruit on the ground to find lunch
Summary: John's team has lunch off-world, much to Rodney's dismay.
Content Notes: None. G.

Pictures -  Gen (Rodney McKay) - Words: 812
Summary: After the fall of Atlantis, Rodney is left without even himself. AU.
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompt: Ennui
Content Notes: mentions of death of major characters, mental and physical injury. T.

Quirky - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 1,352
Written for StargateLand's TVTropes Challenge. Prompt: Pinky Swear
Summary: Between living in an Ancient City in a distant galaxy, bizarre aliens, and dangerous missions, an indecisive botanist should be the least of Evan's worries.
Content Notes: None. PG.

Recurrence - John Sheppard/Evan Lorne, Rodney McKay/Coughlin - Words: 46,007
Written for Atlantis Big Bang 2011
Summary: A visit to a new set of allies in the Pegasus Galaxy leaves John Sheppard and Rodney McKay struggling to overcome the effects of an alien device, while Evan Lorne and the other members of their teams try to help in any way they can.
Content Notes: minor character death, brief discussion of non-graphic sexual child abuse. PG-13

- John Sheppard/Rodney McKay - 1,960 words
Written for Kink Bingo, Prompt: Penance/Punishment
Summary: A Post-Trinity fic. Rodney will do almost anything to regain John's trust.
Content Notes: Includes spanking. R.

Stealing Away Home  – Gen (John Sheppard) - Words: 850
Summary: Being back on Earth after having lived in Pegasus was almost the hardest thing John ever had to do. Ep-Tag to Enemy at the Gate.
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompt: Outsiders
Content Notes: None. G.

Things That Make Me Love You (R is for Roller Skates) - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 784
Written for the Parrish/Lorne Alphabet Soup Challenge (the letter R) at parrish_lorne
Summary: Some things that are usually learned in childhood can be more fun to learn as an adult.
Content Notes: None. PG-13.

Three in the Morning  - Rodney McKay (solo) - Words: 1,918
Written for December Kink Bingo Challenge; Prompt: Tentacles
Summary: All Rodney is really doing is trying to get a good nights sleep.
Content Notes: None. R.

Through the Sky  - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 1,067
Written for Angst Bingo; Prompt: Falling
Summary: Evan Lorne isn't really sure how to handle David's nightmares. Ep-tag for Doppelganger.
Content Notes: None. PG-13.

Time Machine Not Pictured - Gen (John Sheppard and Rodney McKay) - Words: 2,588
Written for Stargateland’s Multi-Media Bingo. Prompts in the order they are answered: Question, Opposite, Groovy, Sweet, Outdoors, Night, Smile, Your Choice, and Family.
Summary: John figured he must have some kind of Stockholm Syndrome, because when Rodney tells him that he thinks the device is a time machine, John gets in without even thinking about it.
Content Notes: None. PG.
Author Notes: Although this isn’t a crossover or a fusion, Doctor Who is referenced quite a bit. Extensive knowledge isn’t necessary, but having an idea of the basics will probably help.

Two Halves Don't Make a Whole - Evan Lorne/John Sheppard - Words: 1,785
Written for dark_fest; Prompt: Stargate Atlantis, Sheppard/Lorne, gene carriers are bound together, which would usually work if you didn't hate your bondmate. (mind-control/unwanted soul-bonding)
Summary: Evan Lorne wishes he'd never even heard of the Stargate program, let alone a mythic ancient city in another galaxy.
Content Notes: Dub-con. R.

Responsibility - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - 8,610 words
Written for Hurt/Comfort Bingo, Prompt: Aliens Made Them Do It
Summary: Alien customs leave Major Lorne with a difficult choice that really isn't a choice at all.
Content Notes: non-con/rape, non-consensual bondage, public sex/nudity, brief imprisonment, references to mild claustrophobia. NC-17.

Unexpected Side Effects - Evan Lorne/David Parrish - Words: 2,262
Written for March Kink Bingo Mini-Challenge; Prompts: uniforms/military fetish & drugs/aphrodisiacs.
Summary: Sometimes being sprayed in the face by an alien plant isn't as bad as it first seems.
Content Notes: Enthusiastic consent while under the influence of alien "sex pollen". NC-17

When the Time is Right - Gen (Evan Lorne, John Sheppard) - Words: 1,479
Written for Stargateland; Prompt: 14-SGA, Lorne & or / Sheppard, missing persons
Summary: John and Evan are lost, maybe a little bit more lost than most.
Content Notes: None. PG-13

Wish Fulfillment - Stargate: Atlantis - Gen (John Sheppard) - Words: 930
Written for Stargateland's Anywhere But Here Challenge.
Summary: There are places that John only let's himself go in the most dire of circumstances. This is one.
Content Notes: None. PG

Worthy of My Love - Evan Lorne/John Sheppard - Words: 2,593
Written for Kink Bingo's April Mini Challenge, Prompts: Mirrors, Worship, and Exposure/Striptease.
Summary: Evan finds a new way to express how he feels about John.
Content Notes: None. R.

Stargate SG1:

Back to Where You've Never Been - Gen (Clone Jack) - Words: 840
Written for StargateLand, Prompt: 14- SG1, Clone O'Neill, high school
Summary: It was harder than he expected. He honestly wasn't even sure what he'd expected, but it wasn't to feel old and isolated and far too wise for his years.
Content Notes: None. G.

But What Do They Do With Them? - Gen (Cameron Mitchell, Team) - Words: 4,594
Written for the Favourite Things Challenge at Stargateland.
Summary: Sam shrugged. "That's a lot of pants. I mean, what are they doing with them?"
Content Notes: Removal of pants with dubious consent. PG-13
Author Notes: Thanks so much to [personal profile] emeraldsnakes who helped me figure out what happens to Cam's pants and how he gets them off in the first place!

Down Time - Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran - 2,739 words
Written for Kink Bingo October Mini Challenge, Prompt: Caged/Confined.
Summary: Sam Carter finds something she didn't even know was missing.
Content Notes: Cages. R.

How Cameron Mitchell Didn't Sleep with his Team (Despite All Efforts to the Contrary) - Pairings: See Title - Words: 19,959
Written for Summer of Stargate SG-1 Big Bang 2011
Summary: Cam is only starting to understand what it means to be part of the Stargate Program, and sometimes he's not sure it's where he wants to be anymore. Fortunately, he has his team to help him through the rough times. Or to torment him until he snaps out of it, whatever comes first. (also: see title)
Content Notes: Attempted Dub-Con under influence of alien drugs

Leader of the Pack  - Evan Lorne, SG-1 (OT4) - Words: 3,472
Written for December Kink Bingo Challenge; Prompts: Possession/Marking and Animal Play.
Summary: Stranger things had happened to the members of SG-1, but Evan Lorne hadn't been around to see it before. Takes place in season seven, shortly after the episdoe Enemy Mine.
Content Notes: animalistic behaviors, voyeurism, group sex. Soft R.

Love at First Banana - Gen (Jonas Quinn) - Words: 1,013
Written for StargateLand, Prompt: 03- SG1, Jonas Quinn/Banana, Slippery
Summary: Jonas thinks that Earth holidays are great, if a little strange.
Warnings: None. G.

Probation - Gen (Vala Mal Doran, Daniel Jackson)- 25,067 words
Written for Summer of Stargate
Summary: Vala struggles to fit into Stargate Command and learn to trust SG-1 but faces unexpected threats from within the SGC and the government. In the meantime, Daniel and the rest of SG-1 try to accept Vala onto their team while searching for Merlin’s weapon.
Content Notes: contains sexual harassment and minor violence. PG-13.

Replacement for the Dead - Gen (Jonas Quinn) - Words: 4,612
Written for StargateLand's Alternate Realities challenge.
Summary: It's Jonas Quinn's first week working as a member of the elite ViCAP Unit, but his arrival is complicated by the recent death of Agent Daniel Jackson.
Content Notes: Discussion of character death. Discussion of (unrelated) murder. Violent imagery. PG-13
Author Notes: This AU takes place at a time that would be analogous to the start of season six of SG-1. Also, this is strongly inspired by the show Criminal Minds, but is not set in the same universe, nor as a fusion nor a crossover.

A Science, or Maybe an Artform - Gen (Team) - Words: 1,266
Written for StargateLand, Prompt: 11- SG1, Team, Prison routines.
Summary: Being prisoners was something they were getting very good at.
Content Notes: Brief captivity, mentions of other times held captive. PG-13

Trigger - Gen (Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter) - 2,850 words
Written for Hurt/Comfort Bingo, Prompt: Bites
Summary: Daniel is troubled after Sam is attacked off-world.
Content Notes: Blood, discussion of post traumatic stress disorder. G.


This is where I will post links to posts that contain drabbles or small ficlets in both Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis fandoms. They focus on a variety of characters and pairings, all under 500 words in length.

20 drabbles from June 2011

(Master List last updated on 01/31/2012)